How to clean red mold

Although uncommon, red mold is known to grow in bathrooms and on damp plaster, and should be treated immediately due to the potentially dangerous health risks it poses.

One of the most effective ways to treat toxic red mold is with SaniDate Ready-To-Use (RTU), a revolutionary new liquid antibacterial sanitizer available through a new rising company named SaniDate RTU’s powerful, state-of-the-art peroxygen chemistry is up to ten times stronger than other cleaners and hydrogen peroxides, and effectively destroys over 99.9% of mold, spores, and harmful bacteria on contact in 5 minutes or less!

Not only is SaniDate RTU a powerful mold cleaner, it can safely be used on a tremendously wide variety of surfaces, including tools, processing equipment, work areas, and non-porous, hard surfaces such as plaster, vinyl, stainless steel, walls, floors, tile, porcelain, linoleum, plastic and glass.

Despite its power, SaniDate RTU can be easily used to clean mold and bacteria by even the most inexperienced novice!  It comes as a pre-mixed liquid, saving the time and work required to repeatedly manually mix fresh cleaning solutions, and works quickly, leaves a pleasant, clean, fresh smell, and requires no follow-up cleaning or rinse on treated surfaces, making mold and bacteria treatment easier than ever!

Furthermore, when it comes to protecting the environment, SaniDate RTU passes with flying colors!  SaniDate RTU is EPA registered, leaves no toxic chemical residues or runoffs, and is totally safe for workers, animals, and plants alike, making it the ideal alternative to toxic chlorine-based cleaners such as Clorox and Lysol.

For those in dire need of even greater mold and bacteria-cleaning power than SaniDate RTU, EnviroSelects also carries SaniDate 5.0, a commercial-grade sanitizer with the identical chemical formula as SaniDate RTU, but which can be mixed to a much greater potency.